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Embark on Epic Adventures: Explore Dragon-Themed Slots

Dragons symbolize power, ferocity, and majesty. These fire-breathing flying serpents are wondrous mythical creatures. Their cunning and intellect, coupled with their fiercely protective nature, make them the ultimate nemesis. Of course, it's all in good fun at Zynga, where our dragon-themed games now feature prominently in our Hit it Rich Slots app. Get ready to confront fiery dragons in pursuit of supersized payouts!.

Leading the charge is our world-famous Dragon Lines slot machine. Gear up for medieval fantasy of epic proportions as you muster the courage and resolve to take down serpents like never before. Prepare to earn plenty of gold coins as you courageously compete for victory. It's a challenging expedition for sure, but we're confident you're up for the challenge. Come on over to Hit it Rich, and experience the real appeal of our dragons slots.

In addition to the epic Dragon Lines machine, Hit it rich features 8 other ferocious dragon slots, including , Dragon's Bounty, Extreme Dragon, and Dragon Flare 7’s slots. Prepare for a slow burn as we heat up the reels with some sizzling-hot gameplay on your mobile device, or at HitItRich.com.

Dragon Lines Slot Machine


You’ve seen it at the casino, now play Ainsworth’s Dragon Line ANYWHERE! 

This showstopper brings the excitement of a traditional 5-reel slot machine game to your screen in double-quick time. With 15 symbols displayed at any given time and up to 100 pay lines in play, Dragon Lines slot will exceed your expectations. An Asian-inspiredgame, Dragon Lines slot fills the screen with Vegas-esque style fanfare. A mix of standard symbols, including 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, and Ace, combines with high-value symbols to deliver a tour de force in excitement. Collect 3+ scatters to win free games, match-winning symbols, and boost your stash of cash. Watch the Dragon come to life on your screen in 3D realism. Play Dragon Lines slot machine and make every spin count.

Dragon’s Bounty Slots

HIR Dragons Bounty

Dragon's Bounty slots is a classic. This thrilling slot machine game features 40 lines of pulse-pounding action on a dynamic reel set. Experience a medieval adventure as you traverse through time to a new age in ancient mysticism and folklore. Amulets, Dragon's eye rings, golden chalices, and magical scepters await in this social game.

With plenty of customized gaming options in play, including Auto Spin Bet Size (Max Bet), and more, it's a showstopper for fans of the old-school slots gaming experience online. Enjoy free play in demo mode, or play for real – it's your call.


  • What types of Dragon-themed slot games can I play on HititRich.com?

    • At HititRich, you can immerse yourself in a variety of Dragon Slot games, including the thrilling Dragon Lines Slot Machine, the adventurous Dragon's Bounty Slots, and the fiery Dragon Flare 7’s slots. Each game offers a unique theme and gameplay experience, allowing you to collect gold coins and tango with mythical dragons in a fantasy setting.

  • How do I earn gold coins in Dragon Slots?

    • In Dragon Slots games, you can earn gold coins by lining up matching symbols, triggering special features, and winning free games. Each slot has its own set of rules for coin collection and rewards, ensuring a diverse and engaging gaming experience. Remember, these coins are virtual currency for fun within the Hit it Rich game.

  • Can I play Dragon slot games for free?

    • Yes, Hit it Rich is always free to download and to play. Run out of coins? Collect free coin bonuses every hour to keep the good times spinning, or purchase coin packages in the game.. This allows you to experience the excitement of the game without any real-world gambling, providing a fun and safe environment to explore the mythical world of dragons.

  • What makes Dragon Slots on Zynga special?

    • Hit it Rich’s dragon-themed machines shine due to their high-quality graphics, and interactive gameplay. With games like Dragon Lines, Dragon's Bounty, and Dragon Flare 7s, players can enjoy a variety of dragon-themed adventures, each with unique features and opportunities to collect gold coins.

  • Are there any tips for playing Dragon Slot games in Hit it Rich?

    • While playing dragon slot machines, it's important to familiarize yourself with the paytable and game features of each title. Taking advantage of free spins and bonus rounds and understanding the significance of scatter and wild symbols can enhance your gaming experience. Remember, the key is to have fun and enjoy the journey through the mythical dragon-themed landscapes.

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